Zen habits…

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I have recently discovered a very inspirational place, zen habits, that offers some answers and ideas about how to discover the real world and find peace and silence. It is a long way till I can really apply all this, but just reading it make me feel good and makes me to concentrate myself on the important things…It gives me courage to face some fears and to be more optimistic about the future. Continue reading

32…reasons to smile

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Like any person on this planet, I have good days and bad days..Whenever I have difficult moments, I try to remember the good parts of my life so far, and sometimes I can really to do this. Everything passes and we have to remain with the beautiful memories and to learn from our mistakes…beacause life is full of it.

Turning 32 just recently, made me realize once again that this is who we are, with good ones and bad ones and we must make our life better with every great or small thing…whatever pleases us :) Continue reading