Herrsching and Andechs am Ammersee

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Beautiful autumn, beautiful sunny day…and lovely Germany! Living in Munich gives me a lot of opportunities for the weekend or just for a day or a few hours. So many interesting and nice possibilities, where I can enjoy the nature and its silence. On a beautiful Sunday sunny day, we decided to explore two small cities, 40 minutes away from Munich…Herrsching am Ammersee and Andechs Monastery and its famous beer produced by the monks. And we were not disappointed. I can not believe that we avoided this place for so long and what we discovered here. Continue reading

Best places to visit in Germany


Wilkommen in Deutschland!

I am sure that you already think about summer and the most expected holiday of the year. If you don’t have any plans yet, you can take into consideration Germany, as there are so many beautiful places to visit…The atmosphere is great, weather is good, people are friendly, food is great…and history is everywhere. Continue reading

Ein Kaffee, bitte!

Who doesn’t love coffee…the way it smells…they way it makes you fell and the place where you just sit and enjoy the moment…What a life!

My relationship with coffee is interesting and young. I never liked coffee or the process of drinking it…only the smell…hmmm…I can fell it even now :) But to come back to the story…I am new to coffee lovers world, as I drink coffee only for a year…I don’t know why and what was on my mind…but I was blind. I had a moment when I wanted to start being like the rest of the world, but my experience was a bad one… On my birthday, in an airport, on our way to Rome, a waiter spilled a hot cup of coffee on me and my white jacket… God! It wasn’t nice…I stopped trying to drink coffee again for a while. I needed guts to try again and it had to be the right moment. Continue reading

Münich, my new lovely home


For a couple of months I started a new life experience, as I moved to Münich with my husband and cat…the one and only Lovely Muse.

I will not write about what you should visit here, as there are many wonderful places and you can find all this in the travel guides. Yet, I recommend you a city break of 2-3 days, as you will like the city…or the beer…or the Apfelstrudel :) Continue reading