Ein Kaffee, bitte!

Who doesn’t love coffee…the way it smells…they way it makes you fell and the place where you just sit and enjoy the moment…What a life!

My relationship with coffee is interesting and young. I never liked coffee or the process of drinking it…only the smell…hmmm…I can fell it even now :) But to come back to the story…I am new to coffee lovers world, as I drink coffee only for a year…I don’t know why and what was on my mind…but I was blind. I had a moment when I wanted to start being like the rest of the world, but my experience was a bad one… On my birthday, in an airport, on our way to Rome, a waiter spilled a hot cup of coffee on me and my white jacket… God! It wasn’t nice…I stopped trying to drink coffee again for a while. I needed guts to try again and it had to be the right moment. Continue reading