Portugal, a piece of heaven


This summer, I discovered a small part of Portugal and I promised myself to return next year. Wonderful landscape, beaches, ocean, restaurants, food and people. I visited Albufeira, in Algarve and had a 6 hours boat trip to see the famous caves…What a beauty! Beautiful clear blue water and small cozy beaches, where you can go only with a small boat. I saw Cathedral Cave, one of the must seen things in this world. It took my breathe away, even if we couldn’t spend more time there and our boat only entered a little in the cave…Nature can make wonders for sure! I strongly recommend this boat trip because it’s all worth it. We also had a barbecue with fresh fish and salad…What a perfect day!

This wasn’t our boat…but it looked so nice :)




The only way to enter in the caves.


The Cathedral Cave! I wish this photo could speak and describe the beauty and feeling when you see something like this.


Our barbecue on the beach :)


And a private beach…only for us!





And I save the best for last!  I am a very big animal lover and I am touched by every lovely creature around me. One of my biggest dreams was to swim with the dolphins…but since I am not such a good swimmer, I had to find a shortcut :) I knew that in Algarve, Portugal, it’s Zoomarine and the only place in Europe to have real contact with them.

First I watched their show in the water and I was able to quietly observe their beauty, joy and greatness. I was a little shocked by their size, as I thought they would be a little smaller, and by their soft touchy look.  I had big emotions from the moment they started playing in the pool, till the end…and had some tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe I was so lucky to see this and be a part of such a wonderful moment! If only pictures could speak and pass feelings…

Bubbles in the water :)




The special relation between dolphins and man…<3



Their special way of saying goodbye or see you later!



I cannot describe in words how excited and touched I was by their entire wonderful creature. At the end of the show I was able to touch one of them and make a photo. I had such big emotions and my heart was beating very fast…I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I wanted to freeze the moment and enjoy it longer…Afterwards, I was just speechless! It was one of the most beautiful and perfect days of my life!

Here is only one part of the magic photo.



Hope you enjoyed the photos and Portugal is more interesting for you now :)


XOXO Lovely friends

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