My definition for a Lovely Life

So many words can define a lovely life…I have learned that the simplest things make us happy…And we should keep this in mind when things don’t go the way we want.

One of my lovely days looks like this:

  • Waking up next to the one you love <31059865_10201456484803195_2137554524_o

  • Hugs and kisses with your fury friend 1176249_10202664370599585_1706117888_n
  •  A good and healthy breakfast
  • The great smell of fresh coffee…I just love my Munich bio coffee from San Francisco Coffee Company <3…I could live with coffee only :)
  • Something small and yummy for your soul…not to much though …PS: I am in love with the German Brezn


  • Gym workout…nothing feels as good as having an intense training
  • Doing something good for people less fortunate than us and caring for stray animals, so much in need of us1508278_10202846880842227_1516371693_n
  • Enjoying a lovely day in the city


  • Dinner out in a nice restaurant
  • A good night movie

This is a perfect day…and you are the only one responsible to create your happiness… Let’s try and think positive and you will see that the Sun will come out on your street also.

What about your Lovely life? How does it look…or how do you want it to be?

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