Musette…my daily muse

There are so many things to say about those two blue eyes that changed my life…One day, almost 7 years ago, I decided that I needed someone new in my life, a kitten to share happy and joyful moments with. From our family pet she become our adored fury child, as I like to say.


Musette is my soul mate, my joy and my shadow…We ,,speak’’ a common language that only the two of us understand and we love each other so much. I think we met in previous lives too…

Because of her, I am now a different and better person. I know how to appreciate the simple and lovely moments between us, to ignore the bad points of the day and to love animals so much more.  I am less selfish and I started to do as many good things I can for less fortunate fury friends.

They have so much to offer…and we, people, must do what stays in our power to help the ones in need and give them back at least half of the love they share. It’s enough to watch the way a pet looks at his human friend and there are no words to describe the love and commitment.

Animals give us many life lessons, that few people can really understand and appreciate it. They give us so much more in exchange for such fewer things.

We have many things to learn from them…we just have to open our arms and homes and be ready for a lot of LOVE.


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