Münich, my new lovely home


For a couple of months I started a new life experience, as I moved to Münich with my husband and cat…the one and only Lovely Muse.

I will not write about what you should visit here, as there are many wonderful places and you can find all this in the travel guides. Yet, I recommend you a city break of 2-3 days, as you will like the city…or the beer…or the Apfelstrudel :)


What is special about it is the bavarian atmosphere…everything is in order and where it should be…everything makes sense, starting from public service to social activities, green everywhere, people smiling, happy dogs in leash, coffee shops…beautiful life. There are so many things to do…some many places to go…Civilisation, as I like to say, is everywhere you look and it’s such a difference from other places…I don’t understand how some people can not adapt to this kind of life…


In this town you can stop for a moment, breathe, enjoy the sun and listen to the birds singing. It’s not an eutopia…this city allows you to live…not only to carry worries.

You can walk on the streets for hours and not get bored, as the silence and beautiful surroundings accompanies you all along. It may sound boring but sometimes you need only this, to clear your mind and hear your thoughts.




Münich allowed me to breathe again, to hope again and to dare make plans, after a stormy period with life changing decisions. I am not saying that everything is perfect here or that all people are nice to you, as a foreign…but I’d rather point out the major good things, the ones that matter, as I said in a previous post.

Life is far from perfect, we don’t know what the future will bring…but I am happy that right now I can experience all this.

I just wanna feel this moment…as the song says :)


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