July’s small goals


A way of living our life better is to establish small and realistic goals. In this way we can see black on white what we wish and discover what exactly we manage to realise on the way.

I am a very organised person and making list is one of my hobbies :)) That is why, putting goals on paper is a part of my life.

My small goals for July are:

– Going to the gym 5 times a week – lately, I was not so serious as I used to be related to gym and I really wish to come back to my old good healthy habits. Of course, my life is a little different from the past, but I hope I am able to stick to this goal and be back on business.

– Studying more for my German course – well…I really do my best to learn this language and overall it’s ok. But I want to do more, read more and try to assimilate as much as possible in the shortest time possible. Everybody tell me to be patience…but let’s face it…patience it’s not one of my qualities :)

– Cooking and posting more healthy things – I have a healthy life in general and eat very good and clean…but lately I was not so organised and didn’t eat so properly as I wished…so, I must be back on the right track and also post more healthy meals on the blog. I am sure there are a lot of busy people who try to stay healthy and fit, and that are interested in this subject.


These are mine mini goals for July…what are yours, lovely friend?


Ps: I have found this beautiful photo on Pinterest, at Filofax & Planners…check it! They have interesting stuff.



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