I wish…

I wish name

I wish…

  • for a world without stray cats and dogs
  • for a world where everybody gets the life he deserves: good or bad
  • for a world with no suffering, of any kind
  • for a world without hunger and poverty
  • for a world with better values
  • people could do more often nice gestures…sometimes words like thank you or can I help you can make a difference
  • for a world with a lot of good music, chocolate and books
  • for a world with more love, peace and understanding
  • I could turn back time
  • I could be a better person…the person I am dreaming about

I wish for a perfect world…that doesn’t exist.

In the past few days I have discovered once again what are the real values in life…and that life is very fragile. We, people want so many things and what we actually need are the simplest ones…



Have a good life lovely friends…and be good to each other.


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