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I’ve disappeared a period from the blog…I had some issues going on…and still have it :( …Oh! And I am also concentrated on learning Deutsch, which is not easy, but I also wanted to think of a better image for I will make some changes and I hope you will like it :) So, stay close!

In the meantime, I prepared some very very easy breakfasts, clean, tasty and healthy. I think the photos will speak for themselves, so I hope you will try it too. We all hurry in the morning and because we must eat (don’t leave the house without eating), something fast must come up.

Chia seeds and Raspberry Pudding

This one it’s so easy to make…you only have to decide upon this breakfast a night before. Take 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and put in a bowl with 200 ml (a cup) of rice and coconut milk, or almond milk. Just leave like this over night, outside or in the fridge, and in the morning you only add fresh fruits. I used Raspberries because I just love it!

Served cold, it’s very refreshing!





Apple Yogurt breakfast


This type of breakfast is one of our favourite. We always have yogurt and fruits in the house, so we just have to combine it.

For this I used 1 big red delicious apple, cut in small peaces, around 150 ml of yogurt with 1.5% fat, 1 teaspoon of organic honey and some almond flakes. I just mixed it all together and that’s it! You will just love it





I hope you enjoyed this two small easy recipes…as there are more to come :)


XOXO Lovely friends


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