Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures

Everybody has its own pleasures, of different types, things that make you fell alive or that bring you joy when you are feeling down. Food is also a part of it, because let’s face it, it can make us really happy…for a short moment :)

Either way, this guilty pleasures make us what we are and color our life. Why guilty? Because they are scandalously great for us and our soul :)

    • Eating Lindt chocolate when I feel a little down or when I want to spoil myself
    • All of me, John Legend, is on repeat. In this moment I think it’s the perfect song
    • Vegetarian or healthy cook books. Last purchase was I quit sugar by Sarah Wilson. They inspire me and make me want to have a better and correct daily diet
    • Always Il Divo when I want to find myself and relive the beautiful moments of my life, so far
  • Instagram – love to relax myself and get inspired by other peoples photos
  • Musette, my lovely muse is always my favourite and the one that always makes me smile guilty pleasures musette love cat

  • Thai food, especially the noodles with vegetables and shrimps. I could eat this everyday. Thank God I do not :)
  • My favourite weekend treat, caffe latte and pretzel at SFCC cafe in Munich. I just love this moments and I am waiting all week for this guilty pleasures coffee life chocolate

  • I always have flowers in my apartment. Lovely details make the difference
  • guilty pleasures musette flowers lovelyKinder Riegel, stupid, I know…can not help it :)
  • Watching Giuliana and Bill on E! Online
  • Shoes…don’t know the number or the colours. I just love it

Well…this is me…what are your guilty pleasures?


XOXO lovely friends


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