Ein Kaffee, bitte!

Who doesn’t love coffee…the way it smells…they way it makes you fell and the place where you just sit and enjoy the moment…What a life!

My relationship with coffee is interesting and young. I never liked coffee or the process of drinking it…only the smell…hmmm…I can fell it even now :) But to come back to the story…I am new to coffee lovers world, as I drink coffee only for a year…I don’t know why and what was on my mind…but I was blind. I had a moment when I wanted to start being like the rest of the world, but my experience was a bad one… On my birthday, in an airport, on our way to Rome, a waiter spilled a hot cup of coffee on me and my white jacket… God! It wasn’t nice…I stopped trying to drink coffee again for a while. I needed guts to try again and it had to be the right moment.

Now…I just love coffee shops and their lazy atmosphere…especially in the morning weekends. They are like a warm house full of goodies, just waiting for you with open arms and hot coffee. Now I have a real pleasure in enjoying a big yummy coffee latte…with my “soulmate”, alone or with a good friend. What is even nicer is the fact that when you like a coffee shop very much and you go there often, you feel like you belong there and it is so good and cozy.  You know the waiters, your favorite products, incredible large coffee and it’s so good to just do this over and over again, as a habit. Feels like home!


Coffee shops are like a live movie…you can sit there a whole day and don’t get bored. People coming, people going, watching the street, stories, emotions, enjoy a fancy magazine or a good book, Kindle, music…you get to observe life rolling exactly under your eyes.


Because I am in a period in my life when I have time more than normal :), I am fortunet to go almost daily in our favorite coffee shop in Münich, San Francisco Coffee Company, on Kürfurstenplatz, a little obsession of mine and one of the first places discovered here. Here is where I really started to live again and to enjoy the small things in life…From my point of view, they have it all: position, atmosphere, excellent bio coffee, best simple and clean sandwhiches ever, the yummiest butter brezn in town…and so on. If I didn’t make you curious, let try it together. Because I so love this brand, when we travel in Germany, I am all the time checking if there is a San Francisco Coffee Shop where we go…Why not enjoy it over and over again?


I wish I had more photos from SFCC…but when I go there I just relax and feel the moment :)

This photo is from Ingolstadt Village, near Münich, one of the nicest San Francisco coffee shops.


In the same time, I am trying to be updated with other interesting coffee shops from Münich and when I have the possibility I try new places…I don’t want to be subjective…but it’s hard to find a good competitor for this cofee :)))  Maybe the coffee is not so mild…or the goodies not so yummy…or maybe just the fact that it’s not familiar, makes it a cold experience…

If I didn’t convince you to grab a coffee or to really start enjoying this moments…I am not good enough.


I am curious about your favorite little daily things. What coffee shops do you love…in your town or around the world?

And how do you enjoy a precious perfect coffee?


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