Warm Brussels Sprout and Couscous Salad

lovelymuse, salad, brussels sprout, couscous, veggie, warm salad, healthy

Nice to write again here, dear lovely friends. It’s been a while since my last post :) I have been thinking a lot during this time and I am finally on my way to give a certain direction to lovelymuse, one that is more clear and definitely represents me and my lifestyle. At the beginning I wanted to write about everything I enjoy in life: travels, food, fashion and my beautiful Muse. Continue reading

Beet Chickpeas and Cheese Salad

lovelymuse beet cheese chickpeas salad veggie healthy

A simple, healthy and delicious salad…of course, if you like beet. This half veggie salad is so easy to make that for sure you will fall in love with it :) As you already  know, I don’t like too mix to many ingredients and I believe that this kind of meals are just perfect for a busy persons who tries to stay healthy and fit. Continue reading

Red Lentil Kidney Bean Salad



You can call me ”The Girl Salad”! I just can’t get enough of salads…Maybe I will be back with a 365 salads theme…one for each day of the year! I am sure it will be interesting, as I eat it almost every day and in any combinations possible…Veggie and with cheese, of course :) Sometimes I put salmon or tuna, but I really love the ones with cheese. Any kind! Me + cheese = Love :) And if you add also fresh baked bread or brezen..I am yours forever! Continue reading