Herrsching and Andechs am Ammersee

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Beautiful autumn, beautiful sunny day…and lovely Germany! Living in Munich gives me a lot of opportunities for the weekend or just for a day or a few hours. So many interesting and nice possibilities, where I can enjoy the nature and its silence. On a beautiful Sunday sunny day, we decided to explore two small cities, 40 minutes away from Munich…Herrsching am Ammersee and Andechs Monastery and its famous beer produced by the monks. And we were not disappointed. I can not believe that we avoided this place for so long and what we discovered here. Continue reading

Zen habits…

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I have recently discovered a very inspirational place, zen habits, that offers some answers and ideas about how to discover the real world and find peace and silence. It is a long way till I can really apply all this, but just reading it make me feel good and makes me to concentrate myself on the important things…It gives me courage to face some fears and to be more optimistic about the future. Continue reading

I wish…

I wish name

I wish…

  • for a world without stray cats and dogs
  • for a world where everybody gets the life he deserves: good or bad
  • for a world with no suffering, of any kind
  • for a world without hunger and poverty
  • for a world with better values
  • people could do more often nice gestures…sometimes words like thank you or can I help you can make a difference
  • for a world with a lot of good music, chocolate and books
  • for a world with more love, peace and understanding
  • I could turn back time
  • I could be a better person…the person I am dreaming about

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