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I believe that sometimes life can change you a lot. What happens to you, people you meet, different priorities, growing up…all can mark you at some point. I can say that I am now another person as I used to be 1-2 years ago. I like to think that a better one, with stronger values and another perspective in life. Living in another country and in a different society makes you think and see things in another way.

But being away from family and friends is also not so easy and whenever I feel lonely or let’s say, not so good, I try to surround myself with beautiful, creative and wonderful people…Virtual ones :) The ones that have one of the most beautiful and inspiring blogs. I like to read their posts, look over the recipes and just clear my mind with how they think and what they write. They inspire me to be more optimistic and to take life much less seriously :)

I like to share some of them with you and I am sure that you will enjoy most of them.

1. Oh My Veggies just gives you some perfect dinner or lunch ideas. Clean, colourful and tasty.

2. Andie is one of the most full of energy and nicest person I know. She puts passion in all she does…and trust me, she makes the most delicious cupcakes and veggie dishes.

3. A Beautiful Mess is about life in general and many of its beautiful aspects: deco, photography, fashion and of course fine recipes.

4. World of Wanderlust is a very good travel blog I have recently discovered. A lot of good information and experiences we can consider.

5. Gluten Free Vegan Girl is a very nice blog with very interesting, vegan and clean recipes. You can see the passion for healthy and delicious food here.

6. Guten Blog Y’all is recently discovered and a very funny and real perspective of an american expat in Germany. It seems we have a lot in common and many of the articles are lovely and inspiring.

7. Smiling Shoes is not a blog, but a very strong and beautiful business that belongs to a very dear friend of mine. I love her passion for quality and high standard products. These shoes are one of the nicest I have ever bought :)

8. The Kitchn is so complex, inspiring and professional. Not many things to say…as there are too many. You just have to check it.

9. Carti, dulciuri si flori doesn’t not a website yet, but even if it’s in Romanian, I can not tell you what beautiful things does this girls. You just have to watch the photos. Beautiful soul and beautiful life.

10. Nutrition Stripped is full of colours, vegetables and healthy life. Love it! blog healthy salads veggie love


I hope you got a little inspired and enjoyed the ”surfing”. Waiting for your inspirations!


Lovely weekend, my lovely friends





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