Avocado and Hummus Snacks

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One day, I came back from school…yes, don’t laugh (I am taking intensive german classes) and I was so hungry…I didn’t know what to eat…healthy things of course :) Many times when we are very hungry we have the tendency to eat whatever we see first.

Lucky me, I always have hummus (I am a little obsessed with it), some cheese and vegetables in the fridge. So…in 10 minutes I was already eating and very happy of what came out. I couldn’t believe how delicious and nourishing it was. Yummy!

You have to try it, as a snack between the meals or just as a fast lunch or dinner.


I will tell you what I used, but you can add whatever you like or have in the house. You just have to stay on the healthy path!

  • organic amaranth crisp bread with sesame
  • organic hummus
  • avocado
  • blue cheese
  • tomatoes
  • radishes
  • sesame seeds
  • pumpkin seeds

lovelymuse, avocado, hummus, snacks, healthy, veggie


Here…there are not much to say :) Just put the hummus on the crisp bread, 3 tomatoes slices and sprinkle some sesame and pumpkin seeds. You can also make another type with blue cheese, avocado and radishes slices.

lovelymuse, avocado, hummus, snacks, healthy, veggie

This is it! The perfect healthy delicious snack. It’s the first time I tried to make it and for sure I will do it again. This is a very fast and easy method to maintaining a healthy lifestyle even when we don’t have time to prepare something more complex.

Enjoy the taste of simple foods!

lovelymuse, avocado, hummus, snacks, healthy, veggie

XOXO lovely friends











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