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Like any person on this planet, I have good days and bad days..Whenever I have difficult moments, I try to remember the good parts of my life so far, and sometimes I can really to do this. Everything passes and we have to remain with the beautiful memories and to learn from our mistakes…beacause life is full of it.

Turning 32 just recently, made me realize once again that this is who we are, with good ones and bad ones and we must make our life better with every great or small thing…whatever pleases us :)

I have made a list with 32 reasons to smile, to get up in the morning, to read when we have bad moments…and to share with others. I am sure that most of you think of the same things…and if you don’t, I am sure you have others…

This is my personal list and would make me happy to know that you smiled a few times reading it. There is no order…just thoughts.

1. I have my best friend and husband beside me.

2. I see every day the pretty fluffy face of my lovely beautiful kitten…Musette.

3. I woke up in the morning hearing the birds sing.

4. Music…what would people do without it? I am so happy and relaxed when I listen to my favorites: Il Divo, Gary Barlow, Muse, Coldplay, Ozcan Deniz, Lana del Ray, John Legend….and so many others.

5. Sunny days…they give you the mental power to move the mountains. I love sunny spring days when everything it’s so fresh.

6. The smell of fresh coffee. A new day can begin!

7. Family…and our beautiful special moments.

8. Traveling! I want to be a tourist all the time…Can I? I love to travel and discover new places and cultures. What a feeling of freedom and joy.

9. Good movies. Im fascinated by actors and their talent.

10. A delicious meal. Fresh dark bread + butter + cheese = what a life…

11. Memories…but only the good ones. I like to see over and over again photos from the places I travelled, birthdays, weddings…and so on. It makes me be there once again “:)

12. Planning…specially future holidays. I love organizing future memories.

13. Rain, but only on a hot summer day.

14. Beautiful flowers that delight our eyes and day.

15. Gadgets. Ipod, Ipad, Iphone…Mac…must be with an Apple.

16. Christmas, my favorite part of the year. Songs, smells, joy, family, gifts…love.

17. A day in a park…green, picninc, sun, people, reading or just enjoying fresh air.

18. Shopping. I read a book once ”I love shopping”…Who doesn’t :) New material things for our soul.

19. Good books…and they are so many. I’ve read a few in my life and I still think of James Clavell, Haruki Murakami, Tolstoi, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mihail Drumes and so many others.

20. Istanbul, my favorite city so far. I have been there many times and I still do it with pleasure. I love the city, the see, food, people…everything. If you didn’t see it yet, please do. You will get yourself with beautiful memories.

21. Strong and beautiful people. I so get inspired by some people, their stories, their optimism, inspiring words and will to make their dreams come true. I wish I were more like this.

22. Friends. Well, there is a word ”you forget the eyes that you don’t see”. Being away from home, I lost on the way some of so the called ”friends”…but I guess it’s only their loss. True friends are beside us in good times and in bad times.

23. Beautiful, pure animals. I can not describe in words the love I have for dogs, cats and all other fury souls. I believe they are the most loving and forgiving creatures and many people could learn something from them.

24. Taking photos. Food, people, animals…it’s nice to put them on paper forever. This is how we create memories.

25. Cooking something delicious for the loved ones. What a joy!

26. Grand parents. I love my grandma and I owe to her my beautiful childhood.

27. Dreams…We never have to stop dreaming of better things for us because this is food for our soul. First step is to dream and then to do all we can to make it happen. But…”be careful what you wish, it might just come true”.

28. Coffee shops, restaurants…I love to go out in nice places that make me feel special, relaxed and homie.

29. Habits…our own daily ones. It may sound boring, but I like to do some things daily, like a routine. Makes me who I am and I feel safe.

30. Helping others. I can’t think of a better way to be grateful for what I already have than to help somebody who needs help in that moment…not later. I learned from my mother to be good to people and animals around me and give advice, aid, comfort or just a good word.

31. Birthdays. With few exceptions I had a birthday cake with candles every year, and I plan to do so till I’ll be 80 :) I love this childish habit.

32. Scarlett O’Hara’s quote in ”Gone with the wind”: “After all…tomorrow is another day”.


So smile and take it all over again, because in the end, life is so worth living!


XOXO…lovely friends





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