Beet Chickpeas and Cheese Salad

lovelymuse beet cheese chickpeas salad veggie healthy

A simple, healthy and delicious salad…of course, if you like beet. This half veggie salad is so easy to make that for sure you will fall in love with it :) As you already  know, I don’t like too mix to many ingredients and I believe that this kind of meals are just perfect for a busy persons who tries to stay healthy and fit. Continue reading

Quinoa with Mushrooms and Peas

quinoa, mushrooms, peas, lovelymuse, healthy, veggie, life

Quinoa strikes again! I wanted to do something more interesting with quinoa and mushrooms, but because I didn’t have time and I was hungry :))…I had to come up with something very fast and easy.

As usual, my recipe is very simple, clean and healthy. This is advisable for people who want to eat healthy, lose weight or just maintain a fit figure.

I wish I had good fresh peas…but sometimes living in Germany makes me search for other handy options…We can not have it all, do we? Continue reading

Zen habits…

Stones, zen, habits, yoga, life, healthy, lovelymuse

I have recently discovered a very inspirational place, zen habits, that offers some answers and ideas about how to discover the real world and find peace and silence. It is a long way till I can really apply all this, but just reading it make me feel good and makes me to concentrate myself on the important things…It gives me courage to face some fears and to be more optimistic about the future. Continue reading