I wish…

I wish name

I wish…

  • for a world without stray cats and dogs
  • for a world where everybody gets the life he deserves: good or bad
  • for a world with no suffering, of any kind
  • for a world without hunger and poverty
  • for a world with better values
  • people could do more often nice gestures…sometimes words like thank you or can I help you can make a difference
  • for a world with a lot of good music, chocolate and books
  • for a world with more love, peace and understanding
  • I could turn back time
  • I could be a better person…the person I am dreaming about

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Blogs and people that inspire me

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I believe that sometimes life can change you a lot. What happens to you, people you meet, different priorities, growing up…all can mark you at some point. I can say that I am now another person as I used to be 1-2 years ago. I like to think that a better one, with stronger values and another perspective in life. Living in another country and in a different society makes you think and see things in another way. Continue reading