Banana and Raspberry fast Smoothie

Banana and Raspberry Smoothie

One thing it’s for sure…there was no good light this morning when I made those photos :((( And this is bad for the pictures. I tried everything but nothing. So, as you will see, I don’t have the most amazing photos…but trust me…the products is worth making it. I hope I can convince you to do this. You only need 5 minutes and you can drink it immediately or later. The taste will remain almost the same. Continue reading

Easy Quinoa and Mushroom Salad

quinoa mushrooms salad


I just love mushrooms and I could eat it in all the ways ¬†and with in all kind if combinations. Very tasty, low-calorie, full of proteins, excellent source of B1 vitamins, essential minerals, selenium and cooper. Just perfect for vegetarians and not only :) Another advantage is that you can prepare it in so many ways and so fast…They are the ideal meal for everyone!

To keep the simple way if making the salads, this one I made today is also clean, easy and delicious. Continue reading

Avocado Tomato Cheese Salad



For the first time, I used my new camera Samsung NX2000 and I have to say that I still have a lot to learn and the photos didn’t ended the way I wanted…but I hope you will still like it. I also have a lot of things on my mind and sometimes I am not focused 100% on the thing…so excuse me if not everything is in order :)

I am back with my obsession for salads and I tried a very simple and healthy one. Only 10 min to prepare and I assure you that it’s very tasty and nourishing. Continue reading