Portugal, a piece of heaven


This summer, I discovered a small part of Portugal and I promised myself to return next year. Wonderful landscape, beaches, ocean, restaurants, food and people. I visited Albufeira, in Algarve and had a 6 hours boat trip to see the famous caves…What a beauty! Beautiful clear blue water and small cozy beaches, where you can go only with a small boat. I saw Cathedral Cave, one of the must seen things in this world. It took my breathe away, even if we couldn’t spend more time there and our boat only entered a little in the cave…Nature can make wonders for sure! I strongly recommend this boat trip because it’s all worth it. We also had a barbecue with fresh fish and salad…What a perfect day! Continue reading

Coming soon…a small piece of Portugal


I just came back from my holiday lovely friends and I will prepare a small post for you with a piece of Portugal you must visit.

What is not to like? Weather is perfect, people are friendly, food is great, the sand is soft and the ocean is perfect :)

If you already planned your summer holiday, keep this in mind for the next one. It’s worth it!




Healthy Easy Breakfasts




I’ve disappeared a period from the blog…I had some issues going on…and still have it :( …Oh! And I am also concentrated on learning Deutsch, which is not easy, but I also wanted to think of a better image for Lovelymuse.eu. I will make some changes and I hope you will like it :) So, stay close!

In the meantime, I prepared some very very easy breakfasts, clean, tasty and healthy. I think the photos will speak for themselves, so I hope you will try it too. We all hurry in the morning and because we must eat (don’t leave the house without eating), something fast must come up. Continue reading