32…reasons to smile

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Like any person on this planet, I have good days and bad days..Whenever I have difficult moments, I try to remember the good parts of my life so far, and sometimes I can really to do this. Everything passes and we have to remain with the beautiful memories and to learn from our mistakes…beacause life is full of it.

Turning 32 just recently, made me realize once again that this is who we are, with good ones and bad ones and we must make our life better with every great or small thing…whatever pleases us :) Continue reading

Red Lentil Kidney Bean Salad



You can call me ”The Girl Salad”! I just can’t get enough of salads…Maybe I will be back with a 365 salads theme…one for each day of the year! I am sure it will be interesting, as I eat it almost every day and in any combinations possible…Veggie and with cheese, of course :) Sometimes I put salmon or tuna, but I really love the ones with cheese. Any kind! Me + cheese = Love :) And if you add also fresh baked bread or brezen..I am yours forever! Continue reading