Best places to visit in Germany


Wilkommen in Deutschland!

I am sure that you already think about summer and the most expected holiday of the year. If you don’t have any plans yet, you can take into consideration Germany, as there are so many beautiful places to visit…The atmosphere is great, weather is good, people are friendly, food is great…and history is everywhere. Continue reading

Almond Poppy Seed Muffins


I just love muffins…Many years ago, I ate my first real chocolate muffin in London…My God! I fell in love with this yummy bites and I like to try different types each time. There are so many…and you can never be too inventive for this. I can not say I am an expert in baking it…but I am sure a fine expert in tasting :)…and I always like to be updated with new and interesting ideas and especially to combine my favourite ingredients.

This time, I dared to prepare muffins with Poppy seeds, as I really like this ingredient and I think it gives a new perspective on cooking. I mostly used organic ingredients. Continue reading

Happy cat…happy me

My lovely Muse…I can’t imagine life without her. Nothing compares to the joy and happiness she brings into our home and souls. ¬†Whenever I have issues or I am upset, she shows me unconditioned love and in that moment nothing matters anymore…I am so grateful for her being my soul mate and I wish I could give back at least a part of what she offers me every day.


Most probably, only people who are lucky to have a fury friend in their lives can understand…so I don’t bother to explain to the rest how this perfect bound between us works…:) Continue reading