Mushroom Cheese Omelette

How I love sunny weekends…Lovely Spring is here and I am ready for it :) The most beautiful season of all, when everything is back to life. All is green, birds singing, warm weather and healthy vegetables everywhere. You just don’t know what to buy, because they all look so good, fresh and healthy…And if you add also a little bit of cheese, you just end up with the perfect meal…breakfast, lunch or dinner…So many possibilities!

In my opinion, clean, easy and quick recipes are the most healthy and delicious, because you can actually feel the taste of each ingredient and it’s all about this! Continue reading

Ein Kaffee, bitte!

Who doesn’t love coffee…the way it smells…they way it makes you fell and the place where you just sit and enjoy the moment…What a life!

My relationship with coffee is interesting and young. I never liked coffee or the process of drinking it…only the smell…hmmm…I can fell it even now :) But to come back to the story…I am new to coffee lovers world, as I drink coffee only for a year…I don’t know why and what was on my mind…but I was blind. I had a moment when I wanted to start being like the rest of the world, but my experience was a bad one… On my birthday, in an airport, on our way to Rome, a waiter spilled a hot cup of coffee on me and my white jacket… God! It wasn’t nice…I stopped trying to drink coffee again for a while. I needed guts to try again and it had to be the right moment. Continue reading

Healthy Banana and Cashew Smoothie

What a nice way to start a morning…I just love bananas and I could eat it anyway :)

I am not an experienced smoothie maker, but I promised myself to start preparing different healthy breakfast, in order to mantain a balance of nutrients and everything necessary for our body. I get inspired by other people’s choices and I always try to put my own signature on it, changing the recipe to be exactly on my taste. Continue reading

Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli

Well…I think I am a little addicted to roasted vegetables…But they are so simple to make, so tasty and so healthy…I am trying to make all the time clean recipes, in order to maintain our healthy lifestyle…and weight :)

These recipes may be boring for some and not so yummy on a first look (a little cheese can change it all…), but trust me, it’s all you need on a daily bases.

I really like both cauliflowers and broccoli and this is a first recipe I tried for you…There will be more to come!

DSC_0132 Continue reading

Münich, my new lovely home


For a couple of months I started a new life experience, as I moved to Münich with my husband and cat…the one and only Lovely Muse.

I will not write about what you should visit here, as there are many wonderful places and you can find all this in the travel guides. Yet, I recommend you a city break of 2-3 days, as you will like the city…or the beer…or the Apfelstrudel :) Continue reading