10 european cities to visit in summer


Who doesn’t love to travel, especially in the summer time…And what place could be more appropriate than old beautiful Europe. So much history, beautiful places, old cities, museums, see, mountains, good food, shops and good weather :)

I have recently discovered a wonderful travel blog, World of Wanderlust, where you can find a lot of useful and interesting information about different places in the world, worth travelling to. If you have the time, read also the story of the blogger, because it’s so nice to read about young and determined people who turned their passion into full time job and business. I admire this kind of people and I try to learn from them and be more open minded about life and its opportunities.

10 European cities that this website suggests for us for the Summer of 2014. As I am the lucky and happy resident of city no. 6, M√ľnchen, I can only choose the next destination for the rest of the summer.

Here is the article from World of Wanderlust and I wish you a lot of fun in planning your next summer city break.


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